How to Shop and Ship from SHEIN to Kenya: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ship from SHEIN to Kenya
Ship from SHEIN to Kenya

Getting Started with SHEIN

What is SHEIN and why shop from it?

  • SHEIN is a popular online shopping platform featuring styles for women, men, kids, and more. Best of all we can help you shop and ship from Shein to Kenya.

  • In a tapestry of trends, as a Kenyan fashion enthusiast, you want to expand chic pursuits and SHEIN is how you get there!

  • You can browse over 1000+ daily new arrivals and get styling tips, livestreams, and reviews on the SHEIN app or website.

Benefits of shopping from Shein

SHEIN offers a lot of trendy items at very affordable rates.

  • Wide Range of Products: SHEIN offers an extensive selection of clothing, accessories, and more.

  • SHEIN offers regular discount services, promotions, and sales events

  • SHEIN ships worldwide, and with Air Cargo Global, you can easily ship your purchases to Kenya.

  • With millions of products available, SHEIN makes it easy to find what you love.

Placing an Order and Payment

How to place an order on Shein

  • Browse Products: Explore Shein’s wide range of clothing, accessories, and more.Simply visit their website at shein.com and log in or create an account.

  • Add to Cart: See something you love? Select the size and color, then click “Add to cart.”

  • Review Your Cart: Once you’ve added all your items, click the shopping cart icon to review your selections.

Shein Kenya Discounts

Why, you ask? Sometimes, SHEIN might send you a reminder email with even better discounts to convince you to buy those items. They really want you to complete your purchase, so they’re willing to give you extra savings. So, by waiting a bit, you could end up getting a better deal on the things you want!

Always double-check the “Size” and “Quantity” before checking out.

Ship from SHEIN to Kenya
  • Proceed to Checkout: Click “Checkout” when you’re ready to make your purchase.

  • Use Air Cargo Global Address: Enter the address provided by Air Cargo Global during checkout. This ensures your package reaches our warehouse first.

What payment methods does SHEIN accept?

SHEIN accepts a variety of payment methods, including credit cards. Choose the one that suits you best during the checkout process. While prepaid bank cards and PayPal are the most common ways customers pay, many other options exist.

As a Kenyan, what if none of these options are available for you? You can use the Mpesa Global Pay Visa Card to make payments using a virtual card. In an age where global transactions are clicks away, do not let your shopping end at “add to cart!”

Ship from Shein to Kenya Air Cargo Global

Shipping to Kenya is a hurdle for most Kenyans who are shopping on SHEIN. While global shipping is possible for most items listed on SHEIN, some sellers might not ship to Kenya.

Air Cargo Global makes international shipping straightforward and affordable.

  1. Sign Up with Air Cargo Global: Register with Air Cargo Global to get a UK, US & Germany shipping address. You can do this by emailing us at [email protected] or call/WhatsApp +44207 993 2763Your address will look like this for UK or USA shipping respectively;

Full Name + ACG
Access Self Storage 
First Way, Wembley
HA9 0JD, United Kingdom
+44 207 993 2763

Full Name + ACG
Street name: 17401 Nichols LN Unit J
City: Huntington Beach
Zipcode: CA 92647
Tel: + 1 302 351 49 71

  1. Package Forwarding: Once Air Cargo Global receives your package, they will forward it to your address in Kenya. Our door to door shipping to Kenya ensures your shipping convenience as you wait to unbox your style.

How to track your order on SHEIN

  • Monitor your order every step of the way.

    1. Order Confirmation: You’ll receive a confirmation email with your order details.

    2. Track Your Shipment: Use the tracking number provided by SHEIN and Air Cargo Global to monitor your order’s progress.

Shipping from SHEIN to Kenya

Shop Wide Selections of Glamorous wigs From SHEIN and Ship To Kenya With Air Cargo Global

Understanding SHEIN’s shipping policy to Kenya

  • SHEIN ships to Kenya from its warehouses in the USA and UK.

How long does shipping from SHEIN to Kenya take?

The delivery times for different shipping options can vary depending on the retailer. If you’re not in a rush, standard shipping is your wallet’s best friend—it’s affordable and gets the job done. But if you’re itching to get your hands on your order ASAP, express shipping is the way to go, even though it comes with a higher price tag.

Overview of shipping options from the SHEIN warehouse

NOTE: Please do not select Click & Collect as we will not be able to collect they package. It needs to be delivered to our address for onward shipping to Kenya.

Choosing a Shipping Method to Your Doorstep

With Air Cargo Global, shipping from the USA takes as little as 10 days, while shipping from the UK takes just up o 10+ days to Nairobi.

Door to door shipping times to Kenya may vary from one to two weeks depending on where you are shipping from.

At Air Cargo Global we strive to deliver your orders as quickly as possible.

What are the shipping costs from SHEIN to Kenya?

Our rates are the cheapest from the UK, USA, Turkey, Dubai, and China, and our prices are inclusive of all customs clearance.

  • We offer door-to-door shipping to Kenya from the UK, USA, Turkey, Dubai and China.

  • You can shop from hundreds of your favourite online SHEIN stores based in the USA, Dubai, UK, Turkey, and Europe and have your shopping delivered to Kenya in under 2 weeks.

How to choose the best shipping method for your needs

  • Consider factors such as delivery time, cost, and reliability when choosing a shipping method, and at Air Cargo Global we ensure that shipping is made easy for your convenience.

Receiving and Clearing Your Package

How to track your package from SHEIN

  • You can track your package from SHEIN by logging into your account and viewing your order history.

  • We will also send you updates on your package’s delivery status.

What to expect when receiving your package in Kenya

  • Your package could be delivered right to your doorstep in Kenya or you could also pick up your package from our offices in Nairobi and Mombasa.

  • Make sure to inspect your package for any damage or issues before signing for it.

Tips for clearing customs and duties in Kenya

Air Cargo Global ships your packages at an all-inclusive cost. We cover all customs and duties for your package upon arrival in the Country.

Make sure to check with Kenyan customs for any restrictions or prohibitions on your items shipped from SHEIN package.

Returns and Refunds

SHEIN’s return and refund policy

  • Shein has a hassle-free return and refund policy.

  • If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can initiate a return request, and we’ll guide you through the process.

How to initiate a return or refund from SHEIN

  • Contact SHEIN’s customer service to initiate a return or refund.

  • Make sure to follow the return instructions carefully to ensure a smooth process.

What to do if your package is lost or damaged during shipping

  • Contact SHEIN’s customer service immediately if your package is lost or damaged during shipping.

  • We will work also with you to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.


Summary of the step-by-step guide

  • This guide has walked you through the process of shopping and shipping from SHEIN to Kenya.

  • From placing an order to receiving your package, we’ve got you covered.

Ship from SHEIN to Kenya

Final tips for shopping and shipping from SHEIN to Kenya

  • Always check the estimated delivery time and shipping costs before placing an order.

  • With Air Cargo Global, getting your free quote is as easy as ABC!

  • Do not forget to check your tracking number and confirm the status of your package in transit to our warehouse.

  • For added peace of mind, our customer service is always there for you to provide any updates on the status of your shipment.

  • Don’t hesitate to contact SHEIN’s customer service if you have any issues with your order. So, the next time you’re exploring Shein for goodies, remember: that the magic of online shopping brings endless delights right to your doorstep in Kenya!

    READY TO SHOP AND SHIP? Contact us today for a free UK/USA shipping address!

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